Greg Stirling is a design engineer and Kinetic Artist working in San Jose, California.  Greg grew up in a Chicago suburb where he was fascinated with all things mechanical.  His father was a master machinist and his great grandfather was the inventor of the Stirling Engine.  His mother descended from a line of German engineers and craftsmen.  As a child, he was fortunate enough to make frequent visits to Chicago's Museum Science and Industry and from an early age developed a thorough understanding of how things work.  His days were spent building electro-mechanical machines in his father's and grandfather's shop.  When he was in high school he decided to become a Machine Designer.  Mr. Stirling studied Mechanical Engineering at Valparaiso University and the University of Arizona.  In 1980, he moved to the Bay Area and designed robotics and space flight hardware for NASA and UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Lab.  From there, he went into the world of factory automation and designed robotics and automation systems for major Silicon Valley companies.   In 1997 's he started Stirling Engineering and established a legacy of building successful factory automation.   


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